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ETD Master Thesis

start: any time
type: empirical und theoretical master theses
lenght: appr. 40-60 pages, depending on the empirical or theoretical nature of the thesis
requirements: no specific requirements needed (in case of uncertainty, Karin Stenke as head of organisation can be contacted)


We offer ETD-students the possibility to write their master thesis at our institute. You can either choose to write your thesis in cooperation with a company or you contact the IUC for available topics.

Cooperations with companies require a one-paged expose which shall be handed in per email to In addition, a mutual agreement will be signed by both the institute and the participating company.

For more information on the topics that the IUC offers for master theses, please contact us per email at In case you are interested in more than one research areas, please indicate all of your areas of interest in your email.

Some examplary topics/research areas can be found here:

Available research areas/topics:


Corporate Governance

The way corporations are directed and monitored is an intensively discussed topic. Research projects explore, e.g., the composition of supervisory boards, the disclosure of board remuneration, or the consequences of stock option programs.

Accounting Tools

Key accounting tools are transfer prices, budgets, and KPIs (e.g., Balanced Scorecard). Projects in this area examine, e.g., the question on the optimal design of KPIs, variance analysis, or budgeting.

Management Control

Projects investigate the design and interrelations of performance measurement, incentive systems and organizational structures. Topics are, e.g., subjective performance evaluation, dynamic incentives, or value-based management.